Tuesday, November 8, 2016

3 things I really miss in Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is a handy tool, absolutely. If I need to run some model quickly to justify gut feeling or to have a simple overview over data, it fits really well. Or, for example, set up a web service from a Machine Learning experiment is really easy, so kudos for that!

But there are some things which annoy me time after time, which I really want to be implemented or done differently. Here is my top 3 "wish-list":

1. Navigation inside the experiment


mean, honestly... I can kindof accept zoom button, but for navigating inside the experiment window I really expect drag scene to work! As for know it requires moving mouse to a  side every time and scroll up or down.
Update : yey, there is a possibility to drag scene in AzureML! Just need to be enabled by clicking this button

2. Delete several datasets together
I do load and save a lot of datasets, and to delete them as they become irrelevant one-by-one is a time killer.

3. Ability to script the experiment
Yes, if I only could upload  experiment as a script... that opens so many possibilities. Like an essential one - VERSION CONTROL my experiments. Oh, don't even let me started...

Please Microsoft. Christmas is coming, and I was a nice girl :)

PS: do you have such things that annoy hell out of you? Comment!