Friday, August 24, 2012

Test Impact Analysis - how does it work for manual tests

We all heard about TIA, but surprisingly enough, just few use it, and even less understand how it works. Some googling and asking gave me a bit of understanding which I would happily share with those who are interested.

If you do not know anything about TIA at all - go read  a good basic piece from MS:
Altough this post is outdated, since
TIA is not avaliable any more on VS from 2012 version, but it is still there for your builds.

The point of my post is that all of those articles out there are explaining how TIA finds impacted unit tests, and none - how it finds impacted manual tests.

Well, it is almost the same. When the test is executed (successfully) baseline is created, which of course requires action recording. When a new build is assigned, it is also IL comparison for the path where manual test was going.

So - there is no connection with work items, associated checkins etc. All you need to start with TIA in Microsoft Test Manager is a successfull test recording (baseline) and test cases. And builds of course, but I assume we all are agile enought for that already? :)

And here is a good video about howto get started with MTM -

Get going!

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