Saturday, March 2, 2013

Best tools ever: LINQPad

I thought to make serie of posts about tools I use daily, and can't imagine life without.
And I start with my very favourite - LINQPad.

So often there is a code snippet we just want to try, and starting all the hussle with opening Visual Studio, creating project, etc etc... uff, it is just too much. Life should be easy - write & run!

And that is exactly what LINQPad allowes me to do.

So start LINQPad - and you get a window to write your code:

Select a C# statement, and - write your code. In this particular example I query for build definitions, and if I press Run, it will show me the result in nice format:

Of course, there are dlls I need to reference. To add references required by your code - right click on the code field and choose Query Properties.

And look - there is even NuGet there.

 Best news ever - you can get it for free. If you would like to have code autocompletion - it will cost you some, otherwise - totally free of charge.

I have to add that LINQPad can do much more than what I mostly use it for, so - try it and I am 100% sure you will love it.

Official site, download and examples here:

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