Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Howto: Set up TeamCity to use TFS Proxy

TeamCity usage of TFS as a source provider is not exactly perfect, but setting up fetching data using TFS Proxy worked surprisingly well!

So, we have some TFS server and a configured TFS proxy with address, let's say http://tfsProxy:8081
and now we need to explain TeamCity that it should fetch files using it.

Configure VCS root pointing to TFS server as ususal, do not think about proxy yet.

And now - all you need to do is to set up an environment variable TFSProxy with the value of TFS Proxy address.
Then restart TeamCity agent - if you use agent side checkout. Or restart TeamCity server - if you use server side checkout.

NB! Sending TFSProxy as an environment variable to build will not work. It MUST be an environment variable on a machine which is fetching code.

Testing scenario:
Set up a build to fetch some data from TFS.

1. Clean up TFS Proxy cache by deleting all under: %TFS_Proxy_install_directory%\Version Control Proxy\_tfs_data\Proxy

2. Clean up TeamCity cache:

  • Server side checkout - delete all under %TeamCity Data Directory%\system\caches\sources
  • Agent side checkout - delete all under %localappdata%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\5.0\Cache
3. Clean up build directory from source files, if not empty.
4. Start build and see Cache folder getting populated on TFS Proxy machine :)

Hope that helps!

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