Friday, January 22, 2016

The singularity is near!

So... yes, the singularity feels really near now. If you haven't read any of Ray Kurtzweil books, it's about time now. Or rather yesterday.

In fact, think about it - according to all the predictions on this field, we are going to experience singularity already in our lifetime. This is not a science fiction any more, this is reality. It moves into us like a huge locomotive, and it is your choice - get smashed by it or jump on and enjoy the ride.

For 50 years ago, such a thing as cellphone was unheard. Now - nearly everybody uses smartphone as a part of daily routines, hardly imagining being without it. Cell phones technology got integrated into our life. And that's exactly what is happening with Machine Learning nowadays.

Why now? Technology has finally developed to that point where we can build some kind of artificial intelligence on it. And nevertheless - in a programming world tools and languages has evolved, enabling us to create and apply Machine Learning solutions to broad set of problems.

Isn't it exciting? Stay tuned! :)

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