Friday, May 13, 2016

Installing Microsoft R Server (Revolution R) on Windows

As we know, Microsoft bought Revolutionary R, and now it is available as a part of your MSDN ubscription. This is wonderfull! Installation though, is not still on a level with other Microsoft products, therefore - a short how-to install it post.

1. Download Microsoft R Server from msdn subscribers downloads page:
Thats's the one:

2. Download prerequisite - MRO 3.2.2 for RRE 8.0.0 from here:
as that one will not be installed automatically along with other prerequisites.

3. Install MRO for RRE 8.0.0 by running MRO-3.2.2-for-RRE-8.0.0-Windows.exe
4. Unpack and run Revolution-R-Enterprise-8.0.0-Windows.exe

That's it. Some notes:

1. Yes, I had MRO 3.2.3 and MRO 3.2.4 installed, but Microsoft R server requires exactly MRO-for-RRE.
2. It will install some old components dating back to Visual Studio 2008,

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