Monday, November 18, 2013

TFS - customize Features backlog and board

By default Features board shows only work item type Feature. Lets say we have another work item type - Business Request, and we want it to be tretaed same way as Features.

So we need to make changes i categories definition of the process template and include Business Request in Features category.

First, download existing:
witadmin exportcategories /collection:{CollectionAddress} /p:{TeamProjectName} /f:C:\Temp\categories.xml

Now lets edit it:

And upload back to server:
witadmin importcategories /collection:{CollectionAddress} /p:{TeamProjectName} /f:C:\Temp\categories.xml

Ok, we can see new work item type available on our Feature backlog:

Next - configure Feature board.
By default it has only 3 columns, and only 2 states to choose from: Active and New. Which was very confusing to me, since our Business Request definitely has more states available.

To make it appear in the list of available States - we need to do changes in process config file. First,
download existing:
witadmin exportprocessconfig /collection:{CollectionAddress} /p:{TeamProjectName} /f:C:\Temp\processConfig.xml

Edit it, so it contains states we want to use:
witadmin importprocessconfig /collection:{CollectionAddress} /p:{TeamProjectName} /f:C:\Temp\processConfig.xml

Now we can see more States available to map to columns in Features Board:


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